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Don’t Stay Depressed for too Long, Take Care of Things Naturally

Do you know what depression is? You are losing your appetite, feelings of hopelessness overwhelm you

Mood Swings

What are mood swings? Mood swings is a medical condition involving rapid and often extreme fluctuati

Virtual Reality Can Help Cure Anxiety, Depression and PTSD

In the US, it is estimated that one in every five people suffers from one form of mental disorder or


Introduction Dementia is a general condition of decline in mental abilities that can affect daily li

Mood Disorders

Introduction Humans are such emotional creatures, and many times, our emotions are determined by the

Sleep Disorders

Introduction Why do some people have trouble sleeping? Everyone experiences the occasional rocky nig

Addiction and Substance Use Disorders

Introduction Addiction can be described as a severe substance abuse disorder, and is a brain disease

Development Disorders in Childhood

Introduction Development disorders in children occur in a wide range of types and causes. A number o